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    Ther are adorable, Olivier Awards 2014

    Tom, Mark and Martin #Oliviers

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  2. At the Benedict Cumberbatch Oz Comic Con Panel

    1. Fan dressed as Khan stands up: Hi Benedict
    2. Benedict: Hi Khan
    3. Fan: I'm better
    4. Benedict: At everything?
    5. Fan: Pretty much

  4. At the Benedict Cumberbatch Sydney Oz Comic Con panel

    1. Fan: What's the most embarrassing song that you have on your iPod?
    2. Benedict: *sings Puff the Magic Dragon under his breath*
  5. my5beautifulboys:

    • he loves that we scream when the molly kiss came on screen
    • we all applauded him when he asked for a bottle of water and proceeded imitated us in a high pitched voice “oh my god he’s a normal person”
    • we were allowed to yell out characters he should play next, and loved the idea of being the next Cinderella or fairy godmother
    • he told a guy that he is such a unique individual little snowflake
    • he did the Alann Rickmen impression and told us Tom Hiddleson could go fuck himself for copying him
    • he likes that we (meaning everyone in the Benedict fan-base) can understand when he is making a joke and when he’s serious, unlike the media.
    • he admitted that he didn’t appreciate being told that people thought he was shorter in person
    • he then admitted that by saying that and making those people feel bad that he knows he is an arsehole.
    • he says fuck a lot and it is incredibly sexy and he knows it because we all went wild every time he swore.
    • he knows that we love the socks

    Pictures are mine, from OzComicCon sydney 12.4.14 - credit me if you want to use them 

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    Itsy bitsty tiny few seconds of Benedict’s dance I could record :) (sorry for the shit quality & I was kind of near the back)

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    Some more of Benedict Cumberbatch from Oz Comic Con Sydney April 12

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    He danced like Ellen.
    He went through his music.
    I asked a question.
    He didn’t want to leave
    He told us about his April fools.

    I will post quotes when I can charge my phone.

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  9. At the Sydney Benedict Cumberbatch Oz Comic Con panel

    1. Fan: You've played a lot of geeky characters...
    2. Benedict: *narrows eyes*
    3. Benedict (in Khans voice): is Khan a geek?
    4. Benedict (in Smaugs voice): Is Smaug a geek?
    5. Benedict (in a Sherlock type voice): Sherlock's a geek!

  10. "Someone came up to me and went ‘oh um ah… no’. I thought maybe did they think they would [do him] before and now that they’ve seen me they wouldn’t?"

    - Benedict Cumberbatch talking about things fans shouldn’t say to him when they meet him (via elizabeth-bennet)

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    Benedict Cumberbatch - Oz Comic Con Sydney April 12th.

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    Benedict Cumberbatch - Oz Comic Con Saturday

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